We're part of the Holman family of companies

LYNKD is part of Holman Enterprises, a company with almost a hundred years of experience in the automotive industry, including expertise in dealership operations, fleet management, retail, parts distribution, manufacturing, and insurance to help you commercialize your innovation. We have a vast network across our industries, and access to millions of vehicles that are looking for cutting-edge technology.

Holman Enterprises has over 7,000 employees across a portfolio of operating companies delivering value and service across the world.


Founded in 1948, ARI is the largest family-owned company in the industry, combining optimal life cycle analysis, best-in-class services, and advanced technology to solve complex fleet problems. By looking beyond total cost of ownership, ARI helps customers see fleet as an investment that helps generate revenue and improve bottom-line performance. ARI manages more than 1.7 million vehicles in North America, the UK and Europe and, together with its strategic partners, 3 million vehicles worldwide.

Auto Truck Group

Auto Truck Group is a leading work truck upfitter providing specialized design, manufacturing and installation of truck equipment. With 16 locations across North America, we serve all kinds of customers in a variety of industries including ARI fleet clients.

Kargomaster, a subsidiary of Auto Truck Group, complements our upfitting offerings through the manufacturing of truck and commercial van ladder racks, equipment, and accessories that maximize driver productivity. We distribute our products nationwide.

Holman Parts Distribution

Holman Parts Distribution is a select partner for major OE brands for automotive powertrain sales, distribution and core collection. We are also a powertrain parts supplier to large fleet customers, delivering the highest quality OE products from a single source with a national distribution network.

Holman Automotive

Holman Automotive is one of the largest privately-owned dealership groups in the United States, with 42 dealership franchises representing 20 brands from the East Coast to the Pacific Northwest. We can support fleet vehicle deliveries as well as offer special partner pricing for vehicles to your employees.

Holman Growth Ventures

Holman Growth Ventures is a corporate venture capital firm that partners with early-stage companies involved in the automotive industry as a lead or co-investor. We draw on over a century of experience with millions of vehicles from a variety of industries around the globe.

Holman Insurance Services

Holman Insurance Services provides consumer insurance to retail customers, plus customized insurance and risk management solutions to commercial clients. Licensed in 44 states, we are aligned with top-tier carriers in delivering the best solutions aligned with our customer’s needs.

Holman Strategic Ventures

We’ve come a long way in 95 years, and the journey continues. Formed in 2016, our Holman Strategic Ventures group is a team focused on developing and executing a number of forward-thinking investments, technologies, partnerships, and innovative automotive solutions.