Courtesy Vehicle Management

Complete loaner management solution

Loaner expense is one of the biggest drags on dealership profitability. Use LYNKD to maximize OEM incentives, determine optimal fleet makeup, improve utilization, address inefficient processes, and more.

Reduce Loaner Costs

Fleet management is more than just telematics. LYNKD’s advanced loaner analytics provide real time actionable data that shows you where there is opportunity to improve and how to shorten your length of loan.

Maximize fleet utilization

Monitor loaner availability and use location tracking as well as courtesy vehicle agreement and RO status to improve fleet utilization and reduce down time.

Capitalize on OEM incentives

Always comply with OEM mileage and time specifications to retain incentives and reimbursements.

Follow your fleet

Utilize LYNKD’s boundary and alert capability to protect and manage your assets. Keep track of loaner vehicle usage and ensure compliance with dealership policies. Access vital information such as mileage, fuel usage, boundaries and geofences. Receive real-time notifications through text or email when key events occur.

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