Put your mind at ease

The LYNKD Up mobile application gives you the ability to track your family’s vehicles, view and manage vehicle health, save money on insurance and service, and stay connected to your dealership.

Location & trip history

Never forget where you parked again. Receive historical and real-time trip information including speed, route, and distance. Always know when family members arrive safely.

Theft recovery

LYNKD Up gives you peace of mind in the unfortunate event that your vehicle is stolen.  Leveraging the LYNKD 24-hour call center, we coordinate with the vehicle owner and local authorities to recover the vehicle as quickly as possible.

Stay safe

Use the LYNKD driver scorecard to understand and improve driver behavior for the whole family, and realize the financial benefit of safe driving through LYNKD’s Insurance Marketplace.

Worry-free maintenance

Never miss routine maintenance and stay compliant with warranty requirements thanks to reminders for oil changes, tire rotations, recalls, and more. Stay connected to your dealership, make appointments, and receive discounts all from inside the app.

Uncover insurance savings

Based on driver-behavior data, you may qualify for savings on your insurance premiums

Ready to connect your vehicle?

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