Frequently Asked Questions

Implementation time varies for each dealership but usually takes a maximum of a month for everything to be in place. This is dependent on inventory source availability, scheduling, and store size. We estimate approximately 30 days, which includes data setup, on-site rollout and training, and post-rollout touchpoints and training

The LYNKD team will work in tandem with key dealership personnel on installation, training, and system capabilities so that when implementation is complete, the dealer will enjoy the value of the LYNKD platform on day one.

The ideal arrangement is where the GM is the solution champion, but we have seen success where the service manager or new/used car manager lead the effort as well. Get ready department or inventory management employees engagement add to the success of LYNKD.

 Lynkd can ingest data from your DMS provider, V auto, Homenet and other platforms. Please contact us for more information.

With your initial purchase of the LYNKD platform, you can add unlimited users to your rooftop. Employees who benefit most from the product are management in all departments, salespersons, lot attendants, technicians, service advisors, loaner agents, and anyone else who’s ever needed to find or maintain vehicles, or manage dealership processes. Keep in mind that all users can be customized to access only what management designates for their position.

Typically we recommend purchasing enough devices to connect your vehicle and loaner inventory plus your parts & service vehicles.  Additional devices should be considered to manage peak inventory periods and the ability to replenish consumer sales. Automatic replacement for sold devices is easy to configure.